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Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services


Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services is supported by a federal grant provided by United State Department of Education (USDE). VR services are related to the professional development of eligible individuals with disabilities. The following services are services offered through Vocational Rehabilitation.

Disabilities, Vocational and Rehabilitation Services Forms:

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet- Spanish

Referral Information Sheet

Authorization to release or obtain medical records

Disabilities & Rehabilitation Services Contact Listing (Click Here)

Services provided include:

Programs and Services

Independent Living for Older Individuals who are Blind

Independent Living –OIB provide support services for individuals age 55 or older whose severe visual impairment makes competitive employment difficult to obtain but for whom independent living goals are feasible.

Older Blind Flyer (Click Here)

Older Blind Application (Click Here)

Authorization to release or obtain medical records (Click Here)

ILS (Click Here)

This program provides a grant to the VI Association to Independent Living to develop:

Supported Employment Program

In addition to employment services, supported employment provides extensive services, including long-term supports to individuals with the most significant disabilities. Contact your local VR office for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Additional Vocational Rehabilitation Information

Disabilities & Rehabilitation Services Contact Listing (Click Here)

IPWD Flyer (Click Here)

RSA (Click Here)

DRCVI (Click Here)

DDC (Click Here)

ILS (Click Here)

PRE- Employment Transition Services

Transition Services are a coordinated set of activities that assist youth with disabilities to successfully transition from high school to employment or post-secondary training opportunities.

Transition Flyer- English (Click Here)

Transition Flyer- Spanish (Click Here)

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