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Human Resources & Labor Relations

The office provides for the administrative supervision of every aspect of Human Resource and Labor Relations. The office works closely with OMB and the Division of Personnel to identify and post vacancies, ensures that all vacancies are filled in accordance with local and federal regulations to include: Collective bargaining agreements. Handle disputes and grievances and provided guidance and interpretation of personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements to all staff.

Deputy Commissioner: Michael V. Trotman,

Mission: To provide social services that will enhance the quality of life for individuals and families with diverse needs.

Vision: The Department of Human Services envisions it’s emergence as a Department that empowers individuals and families toward self-sufficiency through a seamless delivery system of service.


General Guidelines


Forms can be sent to any HR Representative in your respective district.

Online Degrees

Vacancy Listings

DHS is Hiring! Please apply at DOPUSVI

Human Resources Personnel Listing

St. Croix

Mariel Thompson
Human Resources Generalist

Ericson Browne
Human Resources Generalist

Jason Hilaire
Special Assistant

St. Thomas

Rhonda Bradshaw
Human Resources Assistant

Vinette Garfield-Willock
Personnel Admin. Assistant

Dehlia Simmonds
Human Resources Generalist

Cicely Frett
Human Resources Generalist

Jamila L. Christopher, MS-HRM
Assistant Director Human Resources & Labor Relations

Michael V. Trotman, MBA, CPM
Deputy Commissioner Human Resources & Labor Relations

Employees of The Year

2023Raul Corneiro, Executive Chauffeur               Fiscal Office, St. Thomas District                        Leonard Williams, Service Worker,               Head Start, St. Croix District 

2022Albert Pogson, Senior Aide                             Chauffeur (SCA), St. Thomas District                Josette Gordon, Licensed Practice               Nurse (SCA), St. Croix District 

2021 Karen Royer-Reid, Management                    Information Systems Unit (MIS),                      St. Thomas District.                                            Jennifer Logie, Senior Citizen                          Affairs (SCA), St. Croix District


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