Kimberley Causey-Gomez


Michal Rhymer-Browne

Assistant Commissioner - St. Thomas


Carla Benjamin

Assistant Commissioner - St. Croix

U.S. Virgin Islands

Department of Human Services

Children, Youth and Families

Juvenile Justice (Not-Incarcerated)

This unit serves pre-delinquents, PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision) and Adjudicated Youth. Work includes investigations, recommendations to the courts, treatment, and oversight for an alternative sentencing program, an alcohol treatment aftercare program for women with children, in addition to pre and post-planning for youth remanded to the Youth Rehabilitation Center (YRC).

Additionally, the program administers a unique alternative sentencing program for adjudicated youth through a grant from LEPC, Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant. This program: JISS (Juvenile Intensive Support Services) on STX serve youth in a community based program to prevent incarceration, as well as help to transition post-discharge youth from YRC back into the community. It is an intensive wrap-around program involving both youth and families.